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BEactive are a school lettings company specialising in leisure facility and astroturf management. We help you to earn more from your facilities out of school hours while your school retains priority use.


BEactive handle all aspects of your out-of-hours facility management at no cost to your school, leaving your staff to focus on school matters.


With our specialist management of your community bookings and attractive profit/income share package we are confident your school could be financially better off with BEactive.


Our flexible and understanding approach to the individual requirements of each school brings a whole range of benefits to the school, the pupils and the community.

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Coming soon...

Centres managed by BEactive manage have a range of great facilities, such as swimming pools, gyms and floodlit pitches. Most of the centres offer children's activities, holiday clubs, space for events and room for group activities.

Swimming Pool at Melbourn Sports Centre State of the arc gym at Melbourn Sports Centre Sports Hall at Melbourn Sports Centre

Whatever your school size or current lettings situation we can probably help. To discuss how we can assist you to get the most out of your facilities or to arrange a meeting please contact us.

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